Food Therapy

Food Therapy

We offer Chinese food therapy in the El Paso, TX area

Throughout Chinese history, health care was not the responsibility of the state, but the responsibility of each ordinary citizen. Most people couldn’t afford to be sick so they actively seeked cures in diet and healthy lifestyle. Eating according to the seasons, geography, occupation, age and life circumstances became known as Food Therapy. 

This practice classifies food by group, taste, nature and characteristic. By matching food properties to a specific body type and lifestyle, body balance and health can be restored.
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6 reasons to try food therapy

Food therapy can help you live a healthier lifestyle because:

  • It’s individualized, and you’ll know exactly what to eat based on your body, energy and environment.
  • It reduces risks of cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases
  • It can strengthen vitality after an illness.
  • It reduces adverse side effects of medications
  • It can boost your energy level.
  • It improves longevity..

To start your own Chinese Food Therapy, schedule an appointment today. Our skilled practitioner will walk you through the treatment and help you balance your mind and body.