Come prepared!

Your care is important to me and I prepare for your visit each and every time. I expect the same from you. Here's a few tips on how to prepare and make the most from your visit:

  1. There is no overbooking at Bouchard Wellness so everyone is seen on time. Make sure you book your appointment at a time when you don't have to rush before or after. Plan for heavy traffic as it is the new normal in El Paso now! Arriving on time is arriving 5 to 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time so you can sign in, turn off all electronic devices, use the restroom if needed and start winding down. Be sure to communicate with me at least 24 hours ahead if your plans change! If you fail to do so, a "no show" or "late cancelation" fee will be applied.
  2. Make sure you bring with you all six (6) forms filled out COMPLETELY and ready to go before we begin. The main intake form (8 pages health questionnaire) and 5 consent forms are found under the "New Patient" portion of this website. If your printer is out of order or don't have access to a computer, come in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment so we can provide you a physical copy of these documents to fill out on site. Bring any existing lab or radiology reports that are related to your main complaints!
  3. This clinic has been designed for you to relax and enjoy your healing time. It is therefore not a place to bring young children or loud devices. In fact, unless you are expecting an emergency type of phone call, I ask that you turn off your devices completely from the moment you step in the treatment room.
  4. Wear loose comfortable clothes. Eat a light snack or light meal 2-3 hours preceding your treatment. Don't plan any strenuous mental or physical activity after your treatment as the effect continues to work for you the rest of the day. You will be able to drive or work afterwards.
  5. We don't bill insurance companies. Payment is due on the day of the visit. Upon request, we can provide you with a detailed receipt if you want to submit it to your insurance company.
  6. The initial visit, a 90-minute assessment and treatment, costs $120. A 60 minute follow up visit, costs $85.
    A discount of $5 is offered on Cash or Check Payments on Services only. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.